My History
My passion for horses started when I was five years of age and increased with advancing years.  I was encouraged by a family of herbalists to learn herbal medicine for people, but my interest in treating animals began in 1999 when I was 33.

A vet diagnosed my dog, who had rubbed herself raw from scratching, as having a flea bite allergy and recommended to relieve this condition by treating her with steroids for the rest of her life. I was advised that long term use of steroids would cause harmful side effects to her organs.   This encouraged me to find an alternative way to treat her.  By trial and error I finally solved the problem holistically by using diet and herbs.  

This prompted me to study herbalism, equine massage, reiki, ortho-bionomy, and natural hoof trimming.  Every day I continue to look for new ways to expand my knowledge to improve the health of animals.

The most important thing that I have learn is "not to give up".  Treating animals holistically can take time but the results can often cure long time problems and save lives.

My great love of animals promoted me into learning how to treat them with compassion and by using remedies as close to nature as possible.  Animals in the wild when sick would find their own herbal remedies but in today's' society that is not always possible.  I believe in a total holistic approach towards the health and wellbeing of all animals and that herbal medicine combined with your veterinarian's knowledge and experience can have excellent results.

My passion is to educate owners to understand and use natural medicine, which when used wisely is effective, non-evasive with excellent and positive results enabling the animal to create their  own equilibrium.  

In November 2007 I completed ECS1,  ECS2 & EC3 Equine CranioSacral Therapy.  

In September 2008 I travelled to Paso Roblas in California where I studied Massage, Accupressure & Neuro Muscle Release Therapy.

In March 2009 I completed Level One with the Upledger Institute for Human Cranio Sacral Therapy and will be doing Level Two in August 2009.

In July 2009 I will begin the study of Equine Iridology which will enable me to be able to advise problems within the horse and advise a suitable remedy or diet to help correct any underlying problems.  Most horses suffer from Colon problems that can lead to colic.