Saffron - Case Study

Saffy was suffering from a terrible skin condition, and just getting over a nasty wound to her leg.

Thanks to her new owners this girl would like to share her journey with you

4th August 2009.  The skin was in a terrible condition as seen above.  Generally she was "not happy"  she had just been bought by a very kind and caring family who took her on as a rescue case and have done a wonderful job.  When I saw her she had recently recovered from an old wire injury to her leg and looked to be quite crooked in her neck and spine, possibly indicating a birth defect.

The treatment agreed by both myself and her owner was to treat her liver by giving her a Liver Detox, Liquid Chloropyhll to help purify her blood, alongside Colloidal Silver and externally a Colloidal Silver cream containing Lavendar, Hypericum and Rose Geranium was applied daily.

The first time I met her, I tried to offer her some Rebalancing Bodywork & Alignment that wasn't as great as I expected, I must admit I was quite weary of her and she was certainly weary of me.

1st September 2009.  I must admit the condition seemed to worsen before it got better.  A great amount of hairloss was noticed
28th September 2009.
Shown here today she is a totally different girl, and I am actually quite blown away.  Her owner has religiously looked after this cow and followed the instructions I suggested when I first met her.  This illustrates that skin conditions can be cured with alternative medicines.  It can be a long and hard journey but what more could you ask for, proof that it works with perseverence.
"Whoever said animals don't smile was totally wrong!"