Gallaxy Chilli Pepper
I first treat Chilli in December 2008.  I was called out to look at him and another horse as I had known his owner for many years.  Although his owner was not familiar with Cranio Sacral Therapy he allowed to me treat two of his best horses.

I was advised that Chilli due to a past jumping incident, was not suitable for jumping as he had lost his confidence.  This was such a shame because this horse has amazing talent and the potential to be a top jumping horse.

Prior to Cranio Sacral he was very tight in the jaw and it was apparent that he was not working to his full potential.  The day after his first treatment he was seen at Coatsville to be very relaxed and flowing and taking home many ribbons.  Since his first treatment he went out and was competing at Dressage and doing very well. 

Chilli continued to go out and prove himself with great results.  Since he had become more relaxed and competitive he was tried over a few jumps again.  Although a little uncertain at first, Chilli really showed his talents and flew around the cross-country round in the lead and he has progressed from there.  On August 9th 2009 he competed in his first Show Hunter competition against 29 other horses and won.  Here are a few photos of Chilli's journey.


  • Weak in the hind area
  • Tight in the neck
  • Front legs behind the vertical
  • Tense through back and sacrum

  • Hind area improving
  • Neck and back has softened
  • His weight has shifted forward
  • Back has lifted
  • He was very happy with himself
Before 13th December 2008
After 13th December 2008
Before Cranio Sacral Therapy
1 Day After Cranio Sacral Therapy
Look how much he has improved in muscle tone and balance over the last 4 months